Foundation Center for Quality in Care (ZQP) | Central website Relaunch of the website of the ZQP Foundation - Center for Quality in Care


The Center for Quality in Care (ZQP) is a non-profit operational foundation. Its aim is to develop and make accessible knowledge for good care for older people in need of care in Germany. The work of the ZQP is science-based, practical and impact-oriented. The aim of the project was to design a central point of contact from the many different online services provided by the ZQP.

This offers a clear and appealing overall presentation of the topics to be covered. The redesign is intended to make the ZQP even more visible to its target groups as a central brand for prevention and safety in care in Germany.

Objectives Goals for the redesign of

Opening up new user and user groups
By bringing the portals together on a newly designed website, the aim is to reach new target groups that previously had no contact with the foundation itself. This should sharpen the perception of the ZQP as an institution for the improvement of quality in care.

User-centered design and structuring of content
Users should be given intuitive access to specialist information, including a targeted search for specific topics using a central search function.

Low-barrier design to expand the user base
The ZQP's online services are designed and technically implemented with accessibility in mind. This not only ensures accessibility for people with disabilities, but also takes into account the needs of older users who are dependent on a barrier-free design.

Integration of the existing infrastructure
Existing applications that are used on the portals will also be used on the new ZQP website.

Design Work out the brand essence creatively

The new central contact point for specialist information was intended to open up new user groups and ensure a high level of user-friendliness. In the course of the design process, it became clear that a redesign of the website would need to reflect the points that the ZQP stands for - scientific rigor, practical relevance and a high degree of professionalism.

The color concept was adapted and changed from a red-dominated color scheme to a light color scheme with green accents. The green tones are intended to help emphasize the positive and caring atmosphere. At the same time, the color is often associated with health topics. The UI elements use a filigree and technical design language that is intended to convey the scientific nature and precision that the ZQP stands for.

Illustrations Minimalist visualization for the presentation of complex topics

Visual material on the subject of professional care is a challenge. It often comes across as clichéd and not very authentic. Stock footage sometimes even shows incorrect practices in professional care. For this reason, a new, more abstract image concept was developed for the new website that dispenses with photography. On the one hand, images were always considered an optional element on the relevant pages. The layout of the website reacted dynamically to whether a header image was integrated on a page or not.

With the aim of simplifying the search for suitable image material, we looked for a specific image style that could provide a consistent design line across different themes. In this way, we arrived at the so-called "papercraft" style, which uses sharp, clear lines and shading to depict three-dimensional shapes made of paper. This should make it possible to illustrate content in a handcrafted way and give it a warm and human touch.

Implementierung Implementation of a customer-oriented Wordpress solution

The ZQP's various online offerings are all based on the Wordpress content management system. The staff is already trained in the use of Wordpress and Advanced Custom Fields and this should also be the technical platform for the new ZIP website.

A set of different templates with freely placable modules enables the editorial team to design the content. It allows for both a strict approach with limited modules for certain templates as well as a more free-style flexibility to build the pages as required. WooCommerce is used for ordering and downloading free brochures on the website.