Interface concept and frontend development for SES Platform Services

Background Many services, one platform under development

SES Fluid should be a service platform that enables different user groups to achieve their goals. The basis for the platform was a cloud-computing service based on the existing CMS infrastructure, enabling customers to manage, enrich, transcode and deliver video content from anywhere in the world via a unified, intelligently designed, state-of-the-art front-end.

Project Description Enrich, manage, transcode and deliver

The basis of the service should consist of three components:

The library: Media Asset Management was a basic requirement for other services. Media objects had to be added, managed and enriched.

Ticketing / Collaboration: The procedural work on the platform is organized by an order system, in this context to be understood as ticketing. It enables the management of intentions and their joint processing in the group.

Toolbox / Workbench: The individual components of the platform serve the purpose of being able to complete tasks. Therefore specialized tools are offered, which are optimized for different user groups and organized in individual products.

Features Shared UI for modular products

The idea of modularity should also be continued in the UI. Products should ideally be complementary to each other.

Therefore we aimed for a model of the "Shared UI" for the interface. Individual components function in a self-contained manner and can be used in other contexts. A product thus consists of its own components, specifically created for the use case, and shared components.

Mental spaces formed a guideline for the assignment of concrete user stories and resulting functions. The mental model should serve the correct assignment of new ideas & requirements throughout the entire product life cycle. Therefore, the creation of mental spaces had to have a certain robustness.

Dark / Light Theme

While dark interface colours are common for production environments in the media industry, users at office workstations prefer a surface that is also adapted to the brighter ambient light.

For SES Fluid, dimensional developed a dark theme and a light theme to provide a more pleasant and expected user experience for different users in different environments.