Qvest | Qvest.Cloud Cloud management for the broadcast industry: Qvest.Cloud

Project Description Heterogeneous cloud management in a homogeneous surface

The Qvest.Cloud is a management platform that allows third-party cloud applications to be networked into an integrated end-to-end workflow and linked and monitored via a central user interface.
The platform thus brings together administration of the infrastructure and the media workflows based on it in one interface.

The Qvest.Cloud makes it easier than ever for TV producers to combine their cloud-based infrastructure with existing systems and to control SaaS applications on the resulting platform.
Qvest.Cloud thus combines different topologies and allows for demand-oriented scaling of performance.

With its modular and web-based user interface, third-party applications can be integrated into Qvest.Cloud and managed via the web. Processes can be automated, various third-party applications can be linked to production environments, and the resulting costs are transparently displayed.

The result is an approach that has already won prestigious awards at its first presentation at NAB 2019.

Project aim Flexible design for an evolving product

dimensional conceived and designed the user interface for the Qvest.cloud and helped with the technical implementation of the frontend. The particular challenge was to provide flexible building blocks for the system integrators, who should be able to develop customer-specific dashboards and workflows based on the design system of the prepared elements. A wide variety of system components had to be combined under one operating concept.

The user interface designed in this way and its components were developed by dimensional functionally as components in Angular and inserted into the system.
A documentation with code examples on the basis of Storybook was then provided for use.

Modularity Modules and components

The interface design for Qvest.Cloud had to meet several requirements: On the one hand, the product itself became visual in the first place via the design, and the design is thus the identity of the product. On the other hand, Qvest.Cloud is a constantly evolving project: the user interface had to remain expandable at crucial points.

The design system provides a collection of reusable components and defines their use in the interface. In addition to generally applicable principles, this also includes a documented construction kit with code and UI components, which Qvest Media's system integrators can use to adapt the interface.

Cost control is a particularly interesting component of the Qvest.cloud for administrations and purchasing. Various cost models can be compiled via a configuration interface and added to the dashboard as a report view. Reports can be created, for example, on app manufacturers, infrastructure use or capacity utilisation - or combinations of these.

Dark Theme und Light Theme

While dark interface colours are common for production environments in the media industry, users at office workstations prefer a surface that is also adapted to the brighter ambient light. For Qvest.cloud, dimensional developed a dark theme and a light theme to provide a more pleasant and expected user experience for different users in different environments.

In brighter office environments many users prefer a bright user interface. Despite the colour change, the product identity is maintained through subtly adapted colours.