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Background A start-up from Germany...

dimensional took over the live streaming platform Make.TV in 2010. The system is now a cloud-based industry solution for broadcasters and television stations. With Make.TV, video streams from any source can be managed, controlled, distributed, transcoded, archived and - most importantly - distributed to various destinations in the cloud.

The project was spun off into Streaming Media Technologies GmbH and traded between 2014 and 2019 as the American company Make.TV, Inc. Since 2019 Make.TV has been part of LTN Global.

About Make.TV Image direction in the cloud

The broadcast industry has been converting its workflows and production resources to web and internet technologies for years. This does not exclude the administration, transport and management of live video signals. Make.TV is a complete solution that allows users to aggregate, view and redirect TCP/IP-based signal sources - whether they come from a smartphone or a professional studio camera - for further use. A special role is played here by the sifting and qualification of many input streams during live production.

Make.TV is like a broadcast van in a laptop. The solution realizes in the form of software what had to be implemented in classical systems via hardware solutions. Make.TV thus builds a bridge between the classic production and distribution of live video signals on the internet.

Professional streaming for sports leagues and tournaments

Make.TV enables the biggest players in eSports to take advantage of flexible, professional and reliable acquisition and distribution across multiple television platforms.

They can curate, forward and distribute live videos to local infrastructures, CDNs, streaming platforms and social media.

Flexible video acquisition, production and distribution for live sports

Sports fans often consume a wide variety of digital content from a variety of sources. Broadcasters must therefore be able to quickly integrate multiple content sources into traditional broadcasts.

With Make.TV, it is easy to process and curate a virtually unlimited number of live videos, thus meeting viewers' expectations for richer, deeper and more personal stories.

Breaking-News on Make.TV

News broadcasters of all sizes can use Make.TV to purchase, curate, forward and distribute multiple hyperlocal live streaming sources from anywhere in the world.

This allows newsrooms to quickly deliver key live updates to their audiences - engaging viewers in more comprehensive reporting, increasing monetization opportunities and enhancing brand value.

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With Make.TV, many projects in the field of news, sports and entertainment have been realized for clients such as FoxSports, ESL/Turtle Entertainment, RTL/CBC, SWR/ARD.