IQWiG | UX design and CMS development for the health portal

Project Description Comprehensible, detailed and independent

The health portal is administered by the Institute for Efficiency and Quality in Health Care (IQWiG) and provides specialist medical information prepared for laypersons following the principle of evidence-based medicine. 

Objective Health knowledge you can rely on

With the publication of, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) fulfills part of its legal mandate to educate the public on health issues. The website addresses a broad range of topics to both sick and healthy citizens. The website aims to help people with understanding the advantages and disadvantages of important treatment options and health care services. 

Strategy Create transparency, facilitate decisions

The conceptual and technical tasks, which were set by dimensional, were to present IQWiG's wealth of information on the Internet in a user-friendly, clear and appealing design. The portal was designed and implemented completely barrier-free. The technical, conceptual and design development took place continuously during the entire project period.

dimensional was involved in the early phase and after IQWiG's foundation, when the planning for the project began. With the close involvement of the stakeholders, we accompanied the orientation of the Department of Patient Information and developed the name, logo and corporate design. The subsequent basic design of the portal with the person responsible at the time (Hilda Bastian) later became the basis for the tender for the implementation of the final concept, design and technology.

Accessibility Public education. Without barriers.


The website was designed accessible and responsive and complied with WCGA standards. This is because the health information should be accessible to as many people as possible - including people with physical limitations such as reduced eyesight. For example, the website could be accessed without the use of JavaScripts.

Working closely with, we continued to develop the website, ensuring that we remained close to the user and their expectations. In the process, dimensional also provided technical support, maintenance and operation of the website.

Voices on

After the successes at the BIENE Awards (2009 silver, 2010 gold), the Cologne-based internet agency dimensional GmbH is honored to be featured in the 95+ recommended agencies list of the BIK with the project

"Since there are no more BIENE Awards at the moment, the BIK test is the 'de facto standard' for the independent examination of accessibility according to BITV. All the more we are pleased about the good evaluation of our work", states the managing director André Schnitzler.

The project manager Roger van Lunteren adds: "We may accompany the institute for quality and economy in the health service now already since 2005. I would like to thank our client for the trust they have placed in us for many years and my colleagues for their good work, which led to this excellent evaluation".

" proves that high design quality, an implementation optimised for mobile devices (responsive design) and the highest level of accessibility do not have to be mutually exclusive if it is designed correctly from the outset". Prof. Oliver Wrede (Director Concept & Design).

Congratulations on the good result. With such an elaborate offer, the level of accessibility achieved is already a special feature.


Detlef Girke

Accessibility consultant in charge for