Living space for Cologne: Redesign of the GAG Immobilien AG website

Background Cologne's largest landlady in a new guise

Around 44,000 apartments, almost three million square metres of living and usable space: GAG Immobilien AG is Cologne's largest landlord and provides a roof over the heads of around 100,000 people in the Rhine metropolis. Since its foundation in 1913, GAG has been a reliable partner for the people of Cologne.

A redesign of the company's web presence was to include an optimization of communication possibilities, a restructuring of the navigation paths and a multifaceted page-building concept that would enable editors to create varied topic pages.

Project Description GAG Website

The core objective of the redesign was to optimize the navigation structure and to focus more strongly on the brand messages, as well as to give the editors in the CMS the opportunity to create attractive and varied topic pages with the help of a page builder.

After a revision of the menu structure, the three areas became more clearly visible: the core business ("Rent", "Buy", "Manage"), the service area and topic pages ("We for Cologne", "The GAG").

In addition, micro sites can be published on action page templates integrated into the page structure, on which the GAG can announce and document actions and events.

Features Tenants become users, employees become editors

The GAG website was to be developed user-centrically for the needs of property-seeking tenants, brokers and online editors and be able to meet their requirements in the front and back end.

This resulted in many different use cases, which should also be able to use different end devices. In the conception process we discussed the different need structures and designed a multi-layered web presence, optimized for the use on all end devices.