Cleveland Clinic | C3 Logix Concussion Assessment App Diagnose concussions with the iPad: App conception for the Cleveland Clinic

Project Description An innovation in sports medicine as an app

In cooperation with the Cleveland Clinic and DXY Solutions, dimensional was able to support one of the greatest sports medical innovations of recent years with the C3 Logix Concussion Assesment App.

Within the multinational and interdisciplinary project, dimensional was responsible for the user-centered conception.

Background New safety for typical injuries

Concussions are common in certain sports. In the USA, full-contact sports such as American football are popular - but involve a health risk for the players, which often only manifests itself after decades in conspicuous neurological disorders.

It is difficult to diagnose concussions. Imaging techniques are not suitable for a reliable diagnosis. In addition, the health risk of athletes is often misjudged when they have no symptoms.

With the help of the C3 Logix Concussion Assessment App, which has been optimized for the iPad, concussions can be detected using a series of tests. The app helps healthcare professionals better assess an incident and monitor recovery.

Technical conception iPad tests for early detection and treatment

The C3 iPad app uses a set of coordination and reaction tests as well as interactive questionnaires to assess the mental performance of athletes after an incident that may have led to a concussion. Besides the "simple" questions, the tests on athletes include tests that use the gyroscopic sensors of the iPad to evaluate, for example, the athlete's balance skills. For this purpose the iPad is strapped to the patient. The results help doctors to identify treatments for athletes and also to decide when they can return to play.

For this purpose, the baseline values of the athletes in a healthy condition are already recorded before the start of the season. If a concussion is suspected during a training session or match, the affected player is retested with the C3 Concussion Assessment App. A comparison with the baseline values can identify impairments of cognitive and motor skills and a concussion cannot be ruled out if the symptoms are otherwise unremarkable.

Data management Data influence the course of treatment

The collected test data per athlete are compiled and visualized in an overview. With the help of a spider diagram, the test results of several measurements can be compared and the success of therapy or irregularities can be shown.

Stored data can be shared with doctors. As a result, the medical supervisor can see when a player is ready to play again. With the test results and progress, an awareness of the dangers of a premature resumption of sport also develops among the athletes themselves.

An anonymous data collection of all tests also helps researchers evaluate treatment plans and improve concussion treatment over time.