AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse | Online Communication Online communication for AOK - the largest public German health insurance

Background One brand - diverse online media

Under the brand ┬╗AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse┬ź, eleven regional health insurance companies are organised on a federal basis. Together, they insure about 26 million people. The AOK community communicates to insured persons, employers and service providers via a joint portal at

On behalf of the AOK federal association, dimensional advised the AOK community on questions of conception and design for online media: this included portals, some campaigns, various online coaches and programs and the brand portal of the AOK community.

In addition to user experience design of the various websites, dimensional's consulting also took place in the context of many other topics, such as:
online strategy, communication, online services, digital brand management and online campaigns, user research, analyses, content strategy, structural concepts, consulting in connection with editorial processes and quality assurance for content management.

Challenges A joint presentation for eleven companies

The different requirements from the AOK community, working groups and committees were regularly transferred homogeneously into integrating design concepts and synchronized in dialogue with the various service providers involved.

The particular challenge here was to find a sensible balance between the joint activities of the AOKs and the special features and needs of the respective AOK in the region at the various levels involved.

In the various projects, dimensional's team worked on behalf of the AOK federal association with numerous service providers for technical implementation, user research and editorial conception.

Objectives A flexible approach to change

In 2013, the AOK wanted to create a technical infrastructure in order to implement cross-domain content management in the long term. The private customer portal at was the first important use case here.

The concept developed by dimensional provided for a separation of content and presentation. An overarching principle for structuring the content via metadata, the template components and the editorial building blocks, allowed the design to be further developed at will within the existing system.