Audiotool | Audiotool – Software for music production in the browser

Background By musicians for musicians

Audiotool was conceived over 10 years ago by André Michelle, among others, and has been further developed with the help of dimensional until today.

Today is a place for a growing community of people who inspire each other and who share the love of working together on music in different genres.

Redesign of

dimensional redesigned the website in 2019/2020. One of the goals was to take up the many ideas of the creators and especially the community and to bring them together in a clear and functional design.

New additions include a contest area, a featured artist page, an individually configurable dashboard and a public and private chat. In addition, the start page, the news feed, the boards and the complete music browsing area have been completely redesigned.

Enter the Studio! Audiotool is audio synthesis in the browser

Audiotool is a complete music software that runs in the browser. The simulation of certain synthesizers and instruments makes it particularly suitable for the production of electronic music.

The technology for real-time synthesis of audio in the browser (initially in Flash, now in JavaScript) was groundbreaking and has been an example of how the internet enriches music since its debut.

Die Community Together creative - enormously experimental

Today is a place for a growing community of people who inspire each other and who share a love for working together on electronic music in different genres.

The users produce new tracks in different genres every day. Today the community not only hosts fans and hobbyists, but also enthusiasts and professionals. Whoever is looking for inspiration or new ideas will find them at