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Technik & Umsetzung

Agile development

Agile development – following the Scrum process – is the basis of all our projects. With this procedure, we are also adapting to changing requirements. As a customer you decide for yourself how close you’d like to be integrated in the process:

Only at the beginning upon order placement and acceptance or every day or as a participant in the Daily Scrum meeting? Or should your developers be part of the project team and collaborate locally with dimensional, in order to later being able to take on the project yourself.

Programming languages

Specialists as well as generalists are available to us so that we can select the best solution for you for your project, instead of always going with our most common programming languages and technologies.

The majority of our projects will be implemented with the technologies PHP or Java. However, we also offer Ruby on Rails, Perl, C, C + + and .NET if these fit better into your technology stack or your architecture and the tasks. On the front-end side, mainly HTML (HTML5) and JavaScript are used, supplemented by Flash.

Apps & Mobile Development

With app development, our processes and our experience also lead to the highest quality – you can assume this as a given. In the area of mobile development we distinguish ourselves especially by covering the entire spectrum of technologies and languages, so we can always offer our customers exactly the respective ideal path of implementation:

App Development natively in Objective-C (for Apple iPhone and iPad) and Java (for Android), with the cross compiler of our subsidiary defrac (for various target platforms), as a web app with HTML5/JS or as a mobile version of your website with responsive design (both platform-independent)

Accessibility/freedom from barriers

Due to our extensive project experience in the healthcare sector, accessibility is a regular daily practice when working on Internet projects. We master this exceptionally well. We are very pleased that this is something which also third parties have acknowledged us for. Something that was validated by the prestigious BEE Awards, which were given to us in silver and gold for highly complex projects (hospital search »Weisse Liste« of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the portal »dradio Wissen« of Germany Radio station Deutschlandfunk).

Accessibility/freedom from barriers is something we do not see as a burden but as an opportunity to make the Internet a bit more fair and more accessible – without this becoming a disadvantage for the customer or for other users.

CMS & e -Commerce

dimensional sees itself as a technology-independent service. We have in-depth project experience with the following open source content management systems (CMS): papaya CMS, TYPO3, Drupal, WordPress and eZ Publish. We do not just scratch the surface of these and are not only users of a software – after all dimensional has had sole responsibility for the development of papaya CMS since 2000 and remains one of the most active contributors in this open source project.

We are well versed even with commercial systems like RedDot (OpenText), FIRSTspirit and others, so that we can realize the transition of these systems onto an open platform seamlessly and with individual import-export routines.

In the shop area, we recommend in most cases an implementation based on proven products such as OXID eSales or Magento to our customers – both are systems that distinguish themselves with good code quality, robustness and adaptability

Test-driven development

Through automated processes, we guarantee the highest code quality and can perform updates with even the largest software projects without a sweaty forehead. During the development of the source code, test cases are already being developed for all the functions (so-called unit testing – keyword »test-driven development«). This is complemented by integration tests (e.g. using Selenium).

These tests are run automatically after every code change and allow us early error detection and correction. That way, we integrate any code change automatically in a test environment and test – also automatically – continuously making sure that everything functions properly (keyword »continuous integration«). This means, we continuously and repeatedly test and integrate into the existing code base.

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