Strategy & Consulting


We advise you in planning, developing and implementing a brand strategy for your online activities.


All stakeholders are able to act when communication is effective: comprehensible, clear and appropriate.


Most online services are a form of services. We help our clients develop ideas together to open up new potentials.

Concept & Design


The analysis condenses all the information towards a clear objective and lays out the foundation for a good concept with results-oriented approaches.


Information architecture and user experience design: Our proven methodology leads even in complex projects to an user-focused concept.


In the end, the design gets to the heart of it: A contemporary and modern design that most of all is appropriate.

Technology & Development

Agile development

Agile development following the Scrum process is the basis of all our projects. With this procedure, we are also adapting to changing requirements. As a customer you decide for yourself how close you like to be integrated in the process.

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Programming languages

For your project specialists as well as generalists are available to us so that we can select the best solution for you, instead of always going with our most common programming languages and technologies.

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Apps & mobile development

With app development, our processes and our experience also lead to the highest quality – you can assume this as a given. In the area of mobile development we distinguish ourselves especially by covering the entire spectrum of technologies and languages, so we can always offer our customers exactly the respective ideal path of implementation.

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Accessibility/freedom from barriers

Due to our extensive project experience in the healthcare sector, accessibility is a regular daily practice when working on Internet projects. We master this exceptionally well. We are very pleased that this is something also third parties have acknowledged us for this.

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CMS & e -Commerce

dimensional sees itself as a technology- independent service . We have in-depth project experience with the following open source content management systems (CMS): papaya CMS, TYPO3, Drupal, WordPress and eZ Publish. We do not just scratch the surface of these and are not only users of one softwares.

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Test-driven development

Through automated processes, we guarantee the highest code quality and can perform updates with even the largest software projects without a sweaty forehead. During the development of the source code test cases are already being developed for all the functions (so-called unit testing – keyword Ā»test – driven developmentĀ«). This is complemented by integration tests (eg using Selenium ).

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